20% off Sale in my TPT Store

EVERYTHING in my store will be 20% tomorrow, Tuesday May 1 for 24 hours. This is a great time to stock up on resources for next school year or ones to help finish this school year off strong. Thank you for your continued support.
-Planet Doiron (Gina)

cinco de mayo sale poster


Opaque, Transparent and Translucent Posters

Just uploaded! Posters from my light unit that make great visuals and review. This resource comes with 3 color posters and 3 that are black and white. The beauty of the black and white posters is that it is more printer friendly and students can color them to use them as review.

Opaque, Transparent, Translucent Posters

You can also find a light unit, a sound unit and a light and sound unit bundle in my TPT store.

Vocabulary Word Wall cards for the light unit and sound unit can be purchased separately as well, though they are included in the units.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Boosting Student Motivation

21 ways to boost student motivation

This article was a great read and an instant refresher on what we are already doing GREAT and what we can work on to increase intrinsic motivation in students. One that stood out to me was about changing the scenery. Flexible seating is something that many teachers have been introducing into their classrooms. It helps students get moving, viewing new perspectives, working around different personalities and changing their environment. It makes sense that this would boost morale with students. Another that stood out to me is about getting to know your students. I have always preached that when your students KNOW that you love them, they work for you and for themselves. They want to please you.

Take the time to read the article. It is a good read and an awesome reminder of why we do what we do.