Goodbye Bloat….Hello Energy, Happiness and side income

I have to take a minute to tell my blog readers the AMAZING things Plexus has done for my bloat, poor energy and sugary food cravings.  I have debated for months sharing my testimony with my teacher friends and colleagues.  It is not my intention to utilize my professional blog to talk about the wonders of Plexus, but this once I felt compelled. I truly with all may heart feel that Plexus can help so many with their gut health which in turn gives you a happier mental and physical well being.

TMI ALERT: I have IBS-C and would go days and days and days without a movement. I was bloated, tired, grouchy and craving sweets all day.  I was on an assortment of drugs prescribed by my doctor as well as over the counter Miralax and laxatives.  6 weeks into Plexus and I am regular, 10 pounds lighter, happier and fit in clothes that I never thought would snap across my waist again.  These before and after pictures were taken 5.5 weeks apart.



With the new school year starting, Plexus is a blessing.  The Plexus Triplex took 10 pounds of toxins and waste from my gut and I feel incredible.  I am sharing my before and after pictures hoping to start a conversation.  I am more than happy to answer questions that you may have on how Plexus can help you. I can also help you order if you want to make a change in your health.  If you have seen one of your Facebook friends being the crazy Plexus man/woman, contact them.  Plexus is not claiming to help you lose weight while eating cake and taking naps.  With healthy food choices and exercise, you can lose weight and feel incredible.  Plexus has also provided finicial blessings that I never intended.  I was simply sharing my testimony with friends, neighbors and colleagues because I was so impressed and thankful for there products. My email is if you want to reach out to me.

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