Grand Canyon and It’s Wonder

Last week, my family and I had the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona. We stood in awe for many moments upon entering, just taking it all in. My son had a ton of questions that I was unable to answer, so we did a little research afterwards that I will share.

* It is 277 miles long.
* The widest part is 18 miles wide.
* The Colorado river runs through the canyon and had been eroding the sides for millions of years.
* There are many types of rocks that make up the canyon.
* It is a National park.
* We were amazed to read that it is NOT the widest or the deepest canyon in the world.

While there, my son spilled some water. Within seconds a large and friendly squirrel was at his feet drinking the water from the sidewalk. We offered the water bottle and the squirrel drank right from it. My kids were floored. To be honest, my husband I were too.

We have enjoyed visiting The Grand Canyon National Geographic Kids Website

As a teacher, I was so inspired of the teachable moments that were presented. Rocks, animals, weather, erosion, measurements and the list goes on. I cannot wait to get started on activity and lesson planning!


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