Easy Days of Summer Winding Down

The easy days of summer are dwindling, open house is next week and school starts in 7 days. We are trying to squeak in all that we can before the hectic schedules, homework and early rising starts. Yesterday we adopted a new “pet”. It is a common garden spider that is living outside our window. My boys named him Yoshi. I have been amazed at how interested they are to watch him (from afar, behind glass). Today Yoshi caught a big and spun it into its silk. This led to some researching and conversations about why spiders spin their food into webs. Super exciting stuff for a science teacher nerd like myself.

Earlier in the week, we went on a short hike. We found an interesting caterpillar that I have yet to find the species.


We found 3 kindness rocks while hiking which thrilled my boys. This led to picking up supplies to paint our own rocks. Hey, it is a win if they elect to put down the electronics. Our hike also led to me capturing a brief sweet moment as they resting on some stairs.


Today was spent journeying from store to store to find a fabric binder with a shoulder strap. Finally success at Office Max. I think we are ready for school!


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