Spotlight on Clara Barton the Humanitarian

25696090-1DD8-B71C-07D19277C1863E5COriginal Clara Barton was born on Christmas Day in 1821. Her birthplace was in Oxford Massachusetts. She grew up as the youngest of five children. She was fortunate enough to be taught how to read and write by her older brothers. Growing up on a farm, she had many chores such as chopping wood, milking cows and cleaning barn stalls.

Clara was a humanitarian who helped many throughout her life. Compassion for those who were suffering drove her to do big things. She began by organzing supply donations to the battlefields of the Civil War. She loaded wagons and delivered many supplies herself to the dangerous frontline.  Clara also served as a nurse, aiding wounded soldiers.

While providing aid in France, Clara learned of a humanitarian organization called the Red Cross. The Red Cross provided relief to those who were hurt or were otherwise in distress. Starting the Red Cross in the United States became a mission for Clara. It took her 4 years of lobbying in Washington, but she finally started the American Red Cross in 1881. She served as their president before resigning at the age of 82 years old.       Clara_Barton_by_Mathew_Brady_1865 You can find my Clara Barton biography mini unit HERE


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