About me

gina and the boys 2016Hi, I’m Gina. I love teaching! It’s a dream job when you are constantly challenged as well as in a position to challenge. My experience in teaching ranges from 2nd to 5th grades. I’m a mom of three little boys and have come to learn a lot about myself as a teacher through them. I treasure this new understanding I have for the way children think and learn.  I live each day for the gift that it is.


I have 9 years teaching experience in grades 2nd through 5th. I have my BA and MA in early childhood education. I also have certification in technology inclusion in the classroom. Science is my passion. I love the way experiments can engage all learning types. Experimentation is fun and a great way to learn or reinforce new skills. Science also allows for easy integration of cross curricular activities which with all the standards, expectations and time constraints is a huge win for teachers.

Teaching Style:

 I’m a firm believer that we should teach the way a child learns. Bloom’s taxonomy and Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligence have a strong influence on the way I plan and deliver information to students. Showing love to each student is important to me. When children “know” that they loved by their teacher, they will give you their all.


Masters Childhood Education


Early Childhood Education 

Child Family Development


Technology inclusion in the Classroom