10 ways to break the ice for a new school year

I enjoyed this article about ways to break the ice at the beginning of the school year.  Students are usually so nervous and may not know all of the students in their class.  These are some great ideas for teachers to add to the first days of school lesson plans.

My favorite is the alien conversation.  I could see upper elementary and middle school students getting a real kick out of this and having to work as a team to make it work.



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Summer Reading

It is crucial that students of all ages read during the off summer months.  This is a great article that I may share with parents next year.  Summer regression is a real issue for many students when they return to school in the fall.  Summer Reading Article 


I found this great blog on the Trip Clip that allows parents to make custom summer book reading lists catered to their child’s interest/adventures. Create a custom reading list



Early Finishers Math Resource


      There are always students who complete work fast and need meaningful and engaging work to do.  This resource is designed for 1st and 2nd graders.  Early finisher work includes spinner games, tangram puzzles, task cards, dice games, measuring, roll and cover games and my favorite part is a choice card.  This useful resource can be found at Early Finishers Resource on TPT

Misunderstood Behavior Issues

While teaching fifth grade at an inner city school, I had a student who was brilliant.  One on one, I had a difficult time challenging him with leveled readers.  His math skills were light years ahead of his peers. In a whole group setting, he gave the wrong answers, pretended to not be able to pronounce words and openly mocked me.  He would curse and sling his chair across the room.  I grew tired of notifying administration as they would put him in ISS.  One day I pulled him from the after school program for a heart to heart conversation.  I told him how brilliant and well mannered he was and how high is potential for success would be.  I asked why he was rude to me in front of his peers and that I knew his outbursts and lack of knowledge were staged.  I was not prepared for how he answered.  He said, “You aren’t allowed to be smart or a teacher’s pet when you live in the hood.  I have to fit in or I will get beat up”. It left me heartbroken and I felt helpless as to how to help him.  I had him tested for the gifted program, which I was surprised that no other teacher had recommended before this fifth grade year.  He passed with flying colors and was removed from my class and placed in the program for exceptional students.  At least in that environment, he was free to be smart, eloquent, well mannered and creative.  We just never know the struggles that our students face.teacher break heart

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